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What Are the Different Ways to Take CBD

To get the most out of the CBD product of your choice, it’s important you take the most appropriate dose for you. Not everyone is the same. Furthermore, not all products are the same. Depending on whether you’re using an oil or tincture, spray or vape, getting the correct amount will see you maximise on the benefits of CBD. At Nxgen Organics, we’re committed to helping everyone using CBD products learn about dosage.

CBD Oils, Tinctures and Sprays

Probably one of the most effective ways to take CBD is in oil form. But why is this? Well, it’s due to administering the oil under the tongue. The mucous membrane inside the mouth and under the tongue consists of layers of epithelial cells overlying a layer of loose connective tissue. This soft porous area under the tongue allows for quick absorption directly into the bloodstream. This is a very effective application for great absorption of CBD. 

If oils aren’t for you, but you want the same absorption rate, then sprays are a good alternative. Simply spray under the tongue. Nxgen Organics have some of the US and Europe’s highest quality brands like Elixinol and Medterra in both oil and spray format.

CBD Vapes

Whilst Nxgen Organics does not stock CBD Vapes, we recognise that this is a popular and ever growing segment of the CBD market with new products becoming available all the time.

The absorption of CBD is through inhalation and therefore, enters the bloodstream quicker than any other methods of taking CBD. Naturally, the effects also dissipate quickly meaning frequent dosing or usage is required for longer lasting benefits. If vaping is your preferred method of taking CBD, then choose a high quality, medical grade of CBD with a safe vaporizer that allows for control of dose measure and release. 

Balms, Creams and Salves

CBD topical preparations come in the form of muscle rubs for relieving pain, massage creams, balms, salves and body lotions. For moisture and skin protection, a hemp based cream works best. Nxgen Organics offers a fabulous whipped body butter from Endoca packed with organically certified CBD hemp extract, antioxidants and vitamins

Gummies, Other Edibles and Capsules

Gummies are a fabulous way to take CBD. Not only are they really convenient and take much of the issues around measuring dosage, they taste great! At Nxgen Organics, we’re big fans of the Hemp Well Gummies 300mg which are completely THC free, vegan friendly, sugar-coated, chewy, fruity, sweet and juicy.

Capsules are also a good way to take CBD. They’re easy to add to your daily routine and quickly absorbed by the body. The Elixinol 900mg Hemp Oil capsules are a particularly effective format for those with inflammation of the digestive system.